Read Aloud the Passion

I loved the readings this week about the idea of read alouds. Read alouds are a great idea and do so much. To be honest, I would love it if I could teach with a ton of read alouds.

My favorite part of read alouds is the fact that everyone becomes closer to the same level. When a book is being read aloud, you don’t have to worry about the students that don’t read because their level is lower than the others and it takes longer to read. You don’t have to worry about the students struggling with dyslexia, because everything is being read out loud. Plus, how much better is listening to a book, especially with voices!

I must give a big shout out to my 4th and 5th grade teacher Mrs. McClain. She was the teacher that made me love read alouds. She read to us everyday over the two years I had her. She started at the beginning of The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis, and just kept going. We made our way through all of the books in the two years I had class with Mrs. McClain. She read all of these in different voices too. There was a distinct voice for each character and it was based on their personality. I learned so much about reading and literature through these read alouds.



About analisegarland

This is me, new to the world of blogging. I am a student at CSC studying Secondary English Education. My goals are to teach in Japan after I graduate.


  1. How stress free the children who struggle with reading or are under pressure to succeed at a task they find difficult. But, when being read aloud to these children are on the same level as their peers, and their fears take a back seat, your so right. So many other benefits we might just be tapping into this week we never considered last week. I have to confess I still read a loud to my adult daughters, anything from a excerpt from a book I’m reading, a great article on a current event, or a bio. from the encyclopedia we own about someone or something that caught our curiosity, plus it’s the only time my daughter (I have four) listen to me. Great Post!


  2. My only question about read-alouds is how to connect with students who may be deaf or hard-of-hearing. Do you have any ideas?


    • Sometimes I place the books under my document camera and display them with the projector so kids can follow along. Those who are deaf can read along, the teacher would just have to watch their pace. A hard-of-hearing student could be placed closer to the reader or a speaker system could be used.


  3. Reading aloud is also great to help along those students who don’t read at grade-level or struggle to read at home. It helps keep them up on the reading and makes discussing the book easier as a class since everyone is on the same page.


  4. I think read aloud should be happening at all grade levels! My high school seniors loved it–though at first they complained that it was babyish. But then they got into it. It’s the way I would choose to start every single school year–if it’s the first activity we do, we set the stage for that as the expectation for our classroom.


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