So last week I took a look at the YALSA website. I loved all of the book lists and award lists on their website. There are some great resources for teachers, parents, and students.

I liked the award lists the best, and spent a lot of time going through the different lists throughout the past and present. I was very surprised that there are quite a few books on these lists that I had read or were on my TBR list. In fact, some of the books I chose for Young Adult Literature were on these award lists.

I also enjoyed the media lists that were available on the website. They are really promoting all sorts of book options. I am interested in the webinars that are available to members on the website. The highlights on the main page are a great way to showcase their wonderful resources.

While the membership dues are not all that affordable, they are not too terrible. I wish they were a little less so that I would be able to uses their resources now. They have great resources to use in classes and to improve teaching. I foresee myself using this in my classroom in the future.

I also may use The Hub, found through the YALSA website, in my classroom. There are polls and challenges to participate in. Different blog posts and information on The Hub are interesting too.


About analisegarland

This is me, new to the world of blogging. I am a student at CSC studying Secondary English Education. My goals are to teach in Japan after I graduate.


  1. I found all sorts of interesting books on the Hub. I added so many books to my TBR list. YALSA has so many resources that students can use, and gives them many books that may interest them. I loved reading your blog!


  2. I wonder if, when we get into the classroom, if we could crowdsource the membership fees for these resources from both the community we’re teaching in and others from outside the community that would want to help. I think crowdsourcing would be an amazing way to supplement classroom funds in this day and age of educational budget cuts.


  3. the membership was a disappointment, shouldn’t reading be free or at least available membership should be income level compatible so everyone has a chance to be apart of the YALSA, in some ways I felt angry and I don’t know why.


  4. I loved the list that it provided to us. They were clearly defined and easy to find great recommendations. Thank you for mentioning about the webinars. Those sound interesting.


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