Raising Readers

We read several articles this week about motivation and getting students reading. Building readers is the most important thing in English Education. Something I found the most interesting in the readings was the 6 Simple Ideas to Get Kids to Read. The entire blog post was a great and simple list of ways we can get students reading. I especially liked the idea of asking the repeated question. Always asking students what they are reading. This actually helps with motivation too. Getting students talking about the books and being interested in their reading life, they will want to have a reading life.

What surprised me was the idea of keeping a reading log being a way to get students to read. I have never liked keeping a reading log. I currently have a class in which I have to keep a reading log, and I am not a fan. I spend so much time trying to catch up in my log and I don’t get a ton out of my readings. It was a surprising way to encourage students to read.

I found myself thinking about ways my teachers tried to encourage and motivate me to read. In all honesty, I couldn’t think of any ways that they encouraged or motivated me to read. They were all more focused on their required reading than anything. I never had a teacher to try to get me to read on my own. I needed to focus on my assigned reading, you know.

These articles were everything I never had to be honest. I never had a teacher to really make me want to read. If I had choices in any of my classes, especially AP English, I would have enjoyed class so much more. I am one of those students that never read the assigned works in high school, but still got As on the tests. I wish my teachers looked at English Education the same way that we do…


About analisegarland

This is me, new to the world of blogging. I am a student at CSC studying Secondary English Education. My goals are to teach in Japan after I graduate.


  1. I wonder if the reading log thing can be adapted to something similar to Goodreads, or maybe just having them make an account, where they can have the Interest, Currently Reading, and Finished lists. Would this be easier?


  2. I think the best way to ensure that students are reading is to discuss the books with them. Reading logs are good for teaching organization and helping students to reach their goals. Great blog post!


  3. I also believe discussing books is a a sure fired way to know if your students are reading. What I also believe is children love to talk about what they have read if the choice of books has been theirs or they have had help picking from a class library. When I discuss books with my granddaughters they are always eager to talk about their latest book adventures.


  4. I never had reading choice either. It would have worked for me as an avid reader, and it would have worked for reluctant readers as well.


  5. Choice really just allows readers to blossom. All of us can attest to that experience. We must choose to go forward and vow to give our students a choice.


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