Summer Reading is Almost Here!

In 2 weeks school will be over, and everyone knows what that means…summer reading! I am excited to actually be able to find time to read this summer. The last few years, I have worked 6 days a week in the summer. The days I worked, I came home and went to sleep almost immediately. The day I had off, I would usually sleep in and then try to get other things done. Last summer, I didn’t even finish more than 2 books the entire summer! Well, no more!

This summer, my job will be only three days a week (making what I was making last summer working six days a week). I will have to do some work for my housing, but that is 11 hours in 4 days. I also have the chance to read at work this summer. Most of my shift will be answering phones, and whenever I don’t have a call, I can do other things…like reading. I am absolutely excited about this summer vacation.

My goal this summer is to read three books a week. Now I am a slow reader, and you might say why not a book a day. My issue with that, is that I almost always end up with books over 400 pages on my TBR list, and it takes me at least two days to read that. I wish I could go back to the summers of my childhood when I could waste an entire day reading and finish 1-2 books. I mean in those days I could read the Harry Potter books in a week; 1 book a day. This summer I am hoping to keep up reading with at least 3 books a week. I can read at work and nights before bed. Plus, my free time can be taken up with books too.

Most of the books on my TBR list have come to me by way of NCTE 2015. I brought over 100 books home from the conference, and haven’t even made a dent in them. I am going to try and get through the majority, if not all, of them this summer. The top 10 on my YA Lit TBR List are

  • School for Unusual Girls by Kathleen Baldwin
  • Splintered by A. G. Howard
  • The Avalon: Web of Magic series by Charlotte Fullerton
  • Into the Dim by Janet B. Taylor
  • Cuckoo Song by Frances Hardinge
  • Circle of Jinn by Lori Goldstein
  • Flamecaster by Cinda Williams Chima
  • Matched by Ally Condie
  • The Gilded Cage by Lauren Smith
  • Just Ella by Margaret Peterson Haddix

There are many more books I am planning on reading, but I really want to get to these this summer. Hopefully I can use this summer to get back in the habit of reading before bed. I used to always read before bed when I was little. I am going to try and spend 20-30 minutes reading before bed every night.

If you need a couple suggestions for books to read this summer, here are a couple not on my TBR List:

  • Cry of the Icemark (Book 1 in the Icemark Chronicles) by Stuart Hill
  • Ruined by Amy Tinterra (Comes out in May)

I just read Ruined, and while it started kind of slow for me, it picked up and hooked me in a few chapters in. I loved it! It is a budding romance between the prince and a girl impersonating his betrothed to help an invasion. It is wonderful. The Icemark Chronicles is a 3 book series I stumbled upon a while back that I can’t get enough of. My copies are so well worn that they are about to fall apart. It is a fantasy that follows a 13 year old girl who must take the throne when her father is killed in battle. It has magic, intrigue, and who doesn’t like giant, talking snow leopards that act like house cats! I always encourage people to at least try Cry of the Icemark, the first book, whenever people need a recommendation. If you like the first book, the second, Blade of Fire, follows one of the new queen’s sons as they face the same enemies again years later.

Well, I am excited for summer to start so I can get reading again! It is almost here…


About analisegarland

This is me, new to the world of blogging. I am a student at CSC studying Secondary English Education. My goals are to teach in Japan after I graduate.


  1. Wyoming Jen

    I am also looking forward to summer reading! I am currently working full time and taking a full load of classes. However, this summer it is just school for me. It is going to be weird. My husband asked what I’d do with all my free time and I LOVE your answer – READ!
    Many of the books on your summer TBR are also on mine. I hope you continue to post reviews so I can see what you think of them. 🙂
    Happy reading!


  2. Amy

    Great job! I am adding Ruined to my TBA list😀


  3. I am also looking forward to reading this summer. I want to complete so many books that I haven’t got to read this semester. I hope you enjoy and complete your summer reading!


  4. Ruined sounds pretty fantastic–definitely adding it to the list! Just what I need… more books on the TBR list.


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